How to Use IPEC Bureau Marks

How to Use IPEC Bureau Marks

NOTE: The directory of valid personnel that we have certified is available for public viewing in the Verify Me page of this website. If you have a query or complaint about a certificate that bears our marks, you can use our Contact Form or call us at +603- 2026 6633 and we will get back to you regarding the matter.

How to Use IPEC Bureau Marks - Quick Guide

  • You must meet the conditions for the Mark being used.
  • "IPEC BUREAU" Must always use capital letters.
  • You must use with the full approved text for your Mark, such as: "Certified Person", "Corporate Commissary", "Training & Examination Provider/ TEP", unless directly following the name of the certified individual.
  • Modification of the Mark limited to proportional resizing only. No stretching, skewing, rotating, inverting, colouring, or otherwise altering the original presentation.

Full Conditions for Use of all IPEC Marks

Set forth below are the approved requirements of the IPEC's Licensed Marks referred to as Marks that may be used only pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein (the "license").

Each Mark below is a trademarked Logo belonging to IPEC Bureau Sdn. Bhd. [Co.No.071450-K]

If you use any of the Marks you agree that your presentation of the Logos shall retain the relative relationship of the dimensions (top, bottom, and sides), content (wording and font), and color scheme of each original Mark.

You further agree to abide by the individual conditions set pertaining to each Mark, as described below.

IPEC expressly reserves the right to withdraw any license granted to you herein and to request that you cease from any use of the Marks for any reason, including, but not limited to, if your use of the Marks violates these terms and conditions.

Conditions for Use of Certification Bureau Brand Mark

This logo may be used solely by IPEC Bureau official as the Certification Body brand to provide and promote certification services. The “IPEC BUREAU” branding has built a reputation as the bureau that delivers innovation and dynamic certification services. IPEC's well respected brand is the most valuable asset of the company. It embodies all that the Bureau stands for, conveying the beliefs and principles upon which IPEC operates and serves as the bureau introduction in any forum. As IPEC continues to communicate with a variety of audiences, from customers to shareholders, suppliers to partners, consistent application of IPEC standardised Logos are crucial to maintaining IPEC's image. IPEC consents to the use of the Official Brand only for direct owned regional & international branches, subsidiaries, direct owned Research & Development Institutions.

Conditions for Use of Certified Mark

The Bureau will grant Certified Persons use of the Certified Mark in any correspondence or publication used in respect to the Certified Persons and any representations which involve their competency and caliber. This mark shall not imply quality assurance for a specific product, company activities, or to activities outside the certified scope of a person. IPEC consents to the use of our Certified Mark logo for upon compliance to particular certification scheme requirements and competence in examinations.

Conditions for Use of Training & Examination Provider - TEP Mark

The TEP mark is for representing the status of an institution, academy, college, college university, university or training provider that has been granted the accreditation to provide assessment training for an IPEC certification scheme. The TEP Mark is suitable for corporate scheme committee members, governmental & semi-governmental institutions, SME & SMI organisations, or college universities & universities. IPEC Bureau consents to the use of our TEP Mark for authorised training entities as mentioned above to deliver IPEC training assessment programmes.

Conditions for Use of Corporate Commissary Mark

The Corporate Commissary Mark was designed to provide the Bilateral Members opportunity to promote, develop and expand the industry market for the missionary of a certification. The mark of Corporate Commissary may be used only when all parties have reached a mutual agreement for the market development. IPEC Bureau consents to the use of our Corporate Commissary Mark for Official Corporate Commissaries developing a network of the industry may use the Mark for their network with the condition to inform IPEC of each appointed TEP for approval.

General Color Code for all Marks

If you have additional questions for usage of IPEC Bureau's Marks not answered above, or would like IPEC to review business materials you are developing that feature our Marks, please contact us.

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