IPEC Impartial Policy Statement Declaration

IPEC Impartial Policy Statement Declaration

IPEC Certification Bureau understands the importance of Impartiality when performing personnel certification activities. We are committed to managing potential conflict of interest and providing objectivities for personnel certification activities. IPEC Certification Bureau has developed and implemented procedures in compliance with the accreditation requirements.

IPEC Certification Bureau views the safeguarding of impartiality as paramount in maintaining confidence in IPEC business activities. There shall be no pressure of any kind (financial, trade, administrative, moral, or other) over IPEC Certification Bureau regarding the execution of its obligation as a personnel certification bureau.

IPEC Certification Bureau declares that it does not take part in any consulting activities regarding the personnel certification. In order to safeguard our professional reputation, we expect our employees and external personnel to act ethically and impartially in the long-term interest of our company and society. We require personnel, internal and external, to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to conflict of interest. We shall use this information to identify threats to impartiality raised by the activities of such personnel or by the organizations that employ them. We shall not use personnel, internal or external, until we can demonstrate that the risks or threats to impartiality are reduced to an acceptable level.

We have set up an impartial committee made of up of members representing our key interests area. Review will be carried out annually and any threats that may impact our impartiality shall be mitigated or prevented. Conflict of interest and objectivity is addressed in contractually binding agreements, so that all certification activities are conducted in an independent and impartial manner. Our Employees and Examiners will be briefed on the importance of adhering to these policies.

On behalf of IPEC,

Dr. Juliana Lim
Managing Director

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