19 Nov 2016, KM

Martial arts has greatly evolved from what it was hundreds of years ago. Back in the day, the talk was mostly about forms, styles and tradition. Today, with the advent of science and technology, martial arts has slowly transitioned into one of the latest in the long line of sports to embrace sports science. Irrespective of the times, martial arts continues to demand high-levels of discipline, sportsmanship and respect.

However, there are some who defy these basic principles through false advertising when, in truth, they are either under qualified or unqualified, and just out for the quick bucks.The lack of a platform to officially recognise thecredentials of qualified practitioners has, in a big way, contributed to the rise of the pretenders which is bad news for genuine practitioners.

Enter…the ISO/IEC 17024 international standards. Martial arts has now moved into an era of global recognition through the ISO/IEC 17024 Certification of Persons and this will not only provide instructors, trainers and grandmasters the recognition they deserve but also enhance theirmobilityto train and teach globally. In this instance, the Sport Science Mastership Certification Scheme will be the platform for practitioners to attain the international standards and global recognition.

The scheme will help improve the standardisation of the learning environment and, enhance the industry’s overall recognition. Genuine instructors, trainers and grandmasters run the risk of being tarred by the same brush when pretenders get found out. This could inflict serious damage on their credibility and trigger a loss of confidence in martial arts among young practitioners.

Get certified now and become a recognised renowned instructor, trainer and grandmaster, and help elevate martial arts to greater heights worldwide.

Sport Science Mastership Certification Scheme Grading/Levelling

LEVEL 5   Certified Martial Art Grandmaster (highest level)
LEVEL 4   Certified Martial Art Master
LEVEL 3   Certified Martial Art Instructor

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