03 Aug 2015, HM

The Federation International of Grandmasters Association (FIOGA) hosted the World Grandmaster Networking Gala Dinner on the night of 27th July 2015 at the Galaxy Banquet Hall in Kuala Lumpur. The Gala Dinner was an event by FIOGA to foster the spirit of unity amongst the international community of martial arts grandmasters.

There were multitude of guests invited for the gala dinner, such as martial arts grandmasters, associations leaders and movie stars. Among them are Datuk Fadilah Baharin, the Director General of the Department of Standards Malaysia. She was invited as a special guest to observe the potential of the martial art as a sport and as an industry as well. IPEC Certification Bureau CEO, Dr. Juliana Lim was also presence as an invited guest.

Guests were accorded the honor of being escorted by Chinese lion dance troupes and treated to various martial arts displays by the attending grandmasters. Several grandmasters were awarded FIOGA’s certification to honor these grandmasters contributions.

In view of the rapidly growing trends in the sports of martial arts, there is a demand in the industry for a systematic recognition of the grandmasters. In light of this, FIOGA has then, invited IPEC Certification Bureau to customize a scheme to develop martial arts industry’s practicing standards under the scope of Sports Sciences to cater the demand. In establishing the scheme, the ISO/IEC 17024 platform will be utilized. The progress of the scheme development is currently underway.


As an organization that upholds high standards in Certification of Persons, IPEC Bureau is under a purview of the Department of Standards Malaysia, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia. We are committed to providing the best possible services under the ISO/IEC17024 Certification of Persons. We always maintain our view of strict impartiality with clients of ours to ensure the quality and to uphold the reputation of the services offered.

The gala dinner organized by FIOGA, is an internal event of the organization and their certificates are internally endorsed. IPEC Certification Bureau is not in any way involved in the endorsement and/or accreditation of FIOGA’s certification in the gala dinner as the scheme development is currently undergoing.

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