Globally-Recognised Certification Matters

Globally-Recognised Certification Matters

26 Jul 2016, JL

Competing and succeeding beyond borders - this is the new age recipe to attain sustainable success for Malaysia in an era dominated by globalisation and highly robust digital connectivity.

As a nation truly blessed with many advantages including abundant natural resources, pleasant tropical climate, diversified cultures and peace loving people led by a visionary government, the way forward for us to enjoy continued economic growth and prosperity is by elevating the standards of our human capital, our most valuable asset, to a level where it is both accepted and recognised beyond our borders.

In a knowledge economy era where we are at present, success of private sector businesses and enterprises which forms the backbone of the nation’s economy, is largely dependent on the quality of manpower that it employs and/or associates with for the purposes of planning, executing, marketing and developing saleable commercial ideas.

Recognising the need of the present and future economic growth which hinges on the quality of our certified human capital in a variety of specialised fields, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) through Standards Malaysia, is fully focussed on the agenda of promoting awareness on the importance of being certified skilled workers and professionals, amongst Malaysians at large.

Role Of Standards Malaysia

Standards Malaysia is the National Standards Body and the National Accreditation Body, which strives to instill confidence among various stakeholders, through credible standardisation and accreditation services to enable Malaysia to rise to the top spot in terms of nations with clear, demonstrated global competitiveness.

Standards Malaysia spearheads the Standards Component of the Strategic Reform Initiatives-Competition Standards & Liberalisation (SRI-CSL) under the Economic Transformation Programme, to primarily enhance the quality of Malaysian products and services for both the nation as well as the world.

The ultimate deliverables that Standards Malaysia promises to consumers are to deliver quality, safety, reliability, efficiency, compatibility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability in bringing product and service solutions across 24 sectors of the economy.

In addition, their continued motive for businesses is to help improve efficiencies, reduce waste and enhance quality for greater marketability of Malaysian products and services locally and internationally.


Certified Skilled Workers and Professionals A National Agenda

Clearly at a time when today’s technology becomes a thing of the past by next day, the truly invaluable asset that we as a nation must continue to invest in is the upholding of person certification of our diversely qualified human capital from across Malaysia. Within this context, MOSTI’s priority focus goes towards the Competition, Standards and Liberalisation (CSL) under the national’s SRIs. This attention is further amplified by Standards Malaysia’s involvement in the ISO/IEC17024 Certification of Persons.

Both of these certification of persons, among others, are a clear affirmation of the government’s intention of encouraging more skilled professionals and specialists to move towards voluntarily certifying their proven abilities in specific factors – through this measure, our human capital can compete at a global level and will no longer be confined to opportunities only within the country.

A globally competitive workforce with internationally accepted skills certification, needless to say, boosts the country’s ability to compete beyond our immediate borders and enhances our human capital capabilities which directly link back to the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA).

Certification of persons essentially enhances the competency of our human capital, which in turn is essential and very much necessary to businesses and for the nation’s aggressive growth plans.

Through the certification of our workforce, MOSTI will be directly contributing towards increased business productivity, promoting innovation and efficiency at all levels of business and administration.

Collectively, our efforts will help shape the future human capital of Malaysia which is fully transformed (up-skilled, cross-skilled and re-skilled as necessary) and able to positively contribute towards nation building.


ASEAN Region Reach

Leveraging on the leadership role that Malaysia plays within the ASEAN set-up, MOSTI is also working on a number of initiatives which would potentially allow certified and skilled local manpower to gain easy employment in fellow member ASEAN nations.

MOSTI is presently in pursuit of making the ASEAN free movement of skilled workers agenda a reality in the near future, which will be significantly beneficial to Malaysia as a key member nation as it paves the way for our world class human capital who are certified to explore vast opportunities within this bustling region.

Ultimately, MOSTI is committed towards establishing a common ground amongst all ASEAN nations through which all parties can collectively agree on mutually beneficial agreements that can lead to greater quality and standards of skilled manpower which in turn helps establish a benchmark for human capital development in this region; one that can be measured by regulated conformity assessments.

Raising the standards and quality of ASEAN wide businesses through highly competent and qualified persons will undoubtedly push Malaysia’s economic growth higher due competitiveness and fundamental stability.

As we move proactively into long term, harmonised human capital development, adherence to conformity assessment must be acknowledged as a means to monitor standards and quality. A great nation in the knowledge economy era is certainly one that is built on the foundation of its people who are agile in terms of global employability with keen interest in innovation.

The time now is opportune for Malaysia and more specifically the state of Sabah due to its close proximity with fellow ASEAN member nations, to leverage upon the availability of certified and skilled manpower by way of active participation in Government to Government and business to business trade opportunities.

Daily Express Newspaper 24 July 2016

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