21 Nov 2016, KM

CYBERJAYA, 21 NOVEMBER 2016 - In what is potentially the biggest paradigm shift for beauty and aesthetic science in Malaysia, the Association of International Certified Aesthetician (AICA), Standards Malaysia and IPEC Bureau signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) today to usher in a new era of self-regulatory efficiency and certified competency. Beauty and aesthetic science is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Malaysia and is a key contributor to the national economy, as well as human capital development.

The global beauty industry is estimated to be worth around US$350 billion, and in Malaysia, it is valued at over RM10 billion, yet the lack of an adequate set of regulations and certification puts consumers and practitioners at considerable risk which, in turn, could severely damage the reputation of the industry and adversely affect its long-term growth prospects and economic impact.

This MoU would hopefully acts as a model to enable regulators to appropriately regulate the beauty and aesthetic science industry in future.  This self-regulatory initiative through accreditation of certification bodies that certify industry practitioners through the ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Person is a commendable effort by industry players and practitioners as it addresses the quality and safety issues that often clouds the industry, and helps practitioners get certified for best practices and professional decorum.

The signing ceremony was led by Datuk Fadilah Baharin - Director General of Standards Malaysia, Professor Dr Ng Wee Kiong - Chairman of AICA, and Dr Juliana Lim – Chief Executive Officer of IPEC Bureau, in the presence of YBhg. Dato Azmel Maamor, Chairman of IPEC Bureau.

“The accredited Scheme and certification provide an assurance of safety to the consumers, by endorsing industry best practices and quality treatments adopted by credible and capable Malaysian beauty practitioners. The certification scheme undertakes a globally accepted process of assessment, responsible oversight and periodic re‐assessments of the competence of certified persons”, said Datuk Fadilah.

The Certification of Person provides international recognition for skilled workers, professionals, experts and personnel and paves the way for talent mobility globally with less stringent processes.

“AICA acts as an authoritative voice for the members in the Beauty and Health Science Industries and will be the ideal platform to forge ahead the growth of beauty and aesthetic science industry towards a regulatory environment. AICA liaises directly with IPEC Bureau in empowering the beauty professionals, to improve the beauty services quality and to empower the public confident,” said Professor Dr Ng.

Practitioners will now be guided by a code of professional ethics which is aimed at elevating the level of professionalism, skills and knowledge, towards achieving globally recognised standards, while customers will gain a sense of assurance through consumer protection and quality control.

AICA’s talent development and enhancement forecast for 2017 is to recruit a minimum of 1000 members from the industry, to secure approximately 300 certified practitioners and, together with IPEC, develop a certification scheme to standardise at least 50 job titles.  

“In keeping with our national agenda to raise the quality of human capital to increase employability in the Beauty Science industry and establish its relevance, the Scheme will prove to be of great value, especially in creating new employment opportunities and quality professionals. It will also help integrate quality research and training efforts into the Beauty industry, helping create more high‐value technological products and young, scientifically and technologically qualified human resources,” said Dr Juliana.

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