Amanat For Sustained Martial Arts Development

Amanat For Sustained Martial Arts Development

15 Dec 2016, KM

The 2nd Federation of International Grandmasters Association’s (FIOGA) Annual World Grandmasters and Cultural Networking Gala Dinner on 20 November, 2016 set in motion positive changes for international martial arts with the introduction of the ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Persons through the Sport Science Mastership Certification Scheme.

While initiating change for the betterment of martial arts is always a step in the right direction, it is equally important to emphasise the commitment of the IPEC Bureau Industry Sports Science Scheme Committee to consistently engage in all efforts and measures to harmonise the industry and empower future generations of practitioners.

Hence, an Amanat or decree was presented at the Gala Dinner by YB Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation to members of the Committee. The Amanat works as a directive to the committee to put maximum effort into ensuring that all standardisation and certification efforts materialise and taken to the next level to improve the discipline and popularity of martial arts, driven by sports science.

The recipients of the Amanat are as follows:

1. Professor Dr Dato Grand Master Brandon Chan Fa Deng

2. Professor Dr Grand Master Ng Wee Kiong

3. Grand Master Dr Haja Mohaideen Bin Abu Backer

4. Grand Master Dr Anbananthan AL Ramasamy

5. Grand Master Professor Dr Dato Heow Wan Chan

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