2016 The Outstanding Young Person of Sabah (TOYPS) Award

2016 The Outstanding Young Person of Sabah (TOYPS) Award

26 Sep 2016, PL

An award is inspiring, an award is energising… precisely what Dr Juliana is feeling right now after winning the 2016 The Outstanding Young Person of Sabah (TOYPS) merit award under the Political, legal and/or government affairs category, last saturday, 24th September at Le Meridian in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The award – endorsed and supported by the Sabah Ministry of Youth and Sports – is given in honour and recognition of young Sabahans and Malaysians in Sabah for their outstanding dedication and commitment towards the progress and welfare of the community. 

“I was among the magnificent winners of the TOYPS 2016 award and the whole experience has been wonderful,” said Dr Juliana. “Ultimately, the award gives IPEC Bureau a major boost and will have a great impact on the human capital development ISO17024 certification of persons. This will immensely contribute towards an incredibly powerful future for industries and, most importantly, empower and forge a greater sense of community among the next generation,” she added.

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