WHAT IS ISO 17024?

WHAT IS ISO 17024?

23 Sep 2015, HM

ISO 17024 or IEC 17024 is designed to harmonize various personnel certification process worldwide into one standard label. First launched in 2003, it is an international standard that sets out criteria for any organization thinking of hiring potential employees. ISO 17024 basically puts a tag on employees and future employees that says this employee is the best out there.

To bring to mind the topic of effectiveness, this method of classification however is still arguably in discussion especially with the variability in how it is applied by global Accreditation Bodies. Nevertheless, it is by far the most efficient method of examination for personnel measurement.


Employee accreditation has become a crucial element of measuring competency thus a standard certification needs to be created to set an ultimate benchmark.

Most professionals nowadays pursue ISO certification as a reflection of their personal knowledge, skills and abilities. The benefits of enrolling into ISO 17024 accredited programs will greatly improve the chances of recognition nationally and globally. An employee with ISO 17024 tag is considered by many as ready-to-operate, carrying less worry for employers.


The updated version, ISO 17024:2012 is currently the go-to accreditation that will promote consumer and public confidence in the capabilities and competency of the people who provide specialized services or who create the products that support our daily lives and livelihoods.

It will also assist organizations that certified individuals that these personnel would in return bring forward integrity to ensure the validity of individual certifications.

The ISO 17024 in short, provides a global recognition that reflects a consistent and reliable manner of operation, allowing individuals to have skills that translate across borders.

The new version contains requirements for (Personnel Certification Bodies)/Certification Bodies for Persons in the following areas:

• General Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons
• Structural Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons
• Resource Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons
• Records and Information Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons
• Certification Scheme (Development of)
• Certification Process Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons
• Management System Requirements for the Certification Body for Persons

The major changes in the new version however is the detailed information regarding the development of the scheme for certification of persons. The initial version required the Certification Body to have a Scheme Committee having overall responsibility for the development of the scheme but did not elaborate on the components that must be included in the scheme. The latest version on the other hand has an entire clause (Clause 8) that provides detailed information regarding the components that must be included in the development and maintenance of the scheme but allows the scheme owner to be outside of the Certification Body for Persons.


The subjects that ISO 17024 tackles can be simply reviewed as putting into words the competencies around the basic, most crucial attributes: Knowledge, skills and personal qualities.


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