Towards Greater Compliance of Impartiality & Accuracy

Towards Greater Compliance of Impartiality & Accuracy

13 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

The 6th Annual Impartial Committee Meeting was held on 19th January, 2017 to discuss, deliberate and review all of last year’s initiatives and processes. The meeting also announced the induction of two new members – Mr Loo Soo Ho as the commercial representative and Mr Raguraman Gurusamy to oversee all legal and legislation matters. The Impartial committee is made up of highly experienced and skilled industry experts from our key interest areas. It is led by Dr George Lau, who has over 30 years of invaluable experience in the banking sector (including 8 years in numerous areas of investigation auditing).

The role of the Impartial Committee is extremely crucial for IPEC Bureau’s certification and standardisation initiatives. It is responsible for managing IPEC’s compliance to all documented procedures for independence and impartiality while carrying out its certification activities, and those of related bodies. In instances where there are disputes, complains or appeals, the Impartial Committee collectively reviews and manages all these issues in a fair and rational manner, particularly matters pertaining to IPEC’s certification activities which must be carried out in accordance with the ISO 17024.

This ensures all conflicts of interests are eliminated while minimises any identified risks to impartiality. Under the supervision of the committee, IPEC makes every effort to safeguard impartiality in all its programmes and schemes which is imperative to maintain public and industry confidence in the Bureau’s activities. For more information on IPEC Bureau’s Impartial Committee and its members visit

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