09 Nov 2017, IPEC BUREAU

An impressive turn out of more than 500 from the WOW Generation, consisting students, management staff and lecturers, ensured a highly engaging and exciting day for everyone. Supported by IPEC Bureau,IKMKK and the Junior Chamber International Kota Kinabalu (JCIKK), the objective of this event is to encourage participants to share their thoughts and aspirations about key nation building factors by the year 2050, such as:

• future economy, 
• human capital landscape of job and career opportunities, 
• living & prosperity, 
• government & civil services, 
• lifestyle and community.

Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) will be the defining factor for the nation’s progress over the next 30 years. It will give rise to unconventional social innovation concepts hence it is extremely important that STI is thoroughly instilled in the WOW Generation for effective implementation of the TN50 mission,in the face of current and future MEGA-TRENDS challenges driven bythe 4th Industrial Revolution for Digital Transformation and Robotics.

The workshops were divided into five clusters, with two groups of students (50 per group) representing each clustersupportedby Student Leaders and mentors. The dialogue session, on the other hand, featured two invited TN50 Youth Ambassadors, Ben Uzair and Nadhirah Rifai, one student leader and one educator. The session was moderated by Dr. Juliana Lim, who was appointed as one of the TN50 Ambassadors by the Minister of Youth & Sports Khairy Jamaluddin back in May.

A brief TN50 presentation was also delivered by Dr Juliana, focused on milestone updates. Among the key aspects of the presentation includes a look into the future of Malaysia upon collecting aspirations and ideas from participants during the workshop and dialogue sessions.

It was encouraging to see many participants enthusiastically share their views and ideas on how to build a prosperous Malaysia in the next 30 years to come. The key to making this happen is by triggering industrial revolution intervention, human capital empowerment, and promote the 3Qs (Quality Opportunity, Quality Income & Quality Life). These are the core factors that will positively impact the national happiness index.

At the end of the day, more than 500 aspirations and perceptions were collected from participants which bodes well for the future of the TN50 initiative. In addition to this, the workshop and dialogue session successfully stimulated students, youths and educators to enhance their leadership skills, and reinvigorated everyone to prepare for the challenges of current and future MEGA-TRENDS.

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