This National Day lets for a moment reflect over Malaysia

This National Day lets for a moment reflect over Malaysia

30 Aug 2016, PL

This National Day lets for a moment reflect over Malaysia.

Malaysia is the story of hardwork, will, tolerance and to propel towards a better future. In realising a better future, the government wants every Malaysians achieved a balance life and hence, the aim to attain a high-income and developed nation.  For more than half a century, the country has leaped from a country known only for agriculture alone to industrialision and like any other country today, we also embraced the information technology revolution.

Today, Malaysians on both sides of the South China Sea are proud over the transformation the country have become. We no longer work for a living but also move ahead in creating opportunities, job, as well as find other means to supplement our livelihood. Hence, it is not impossible for Malaysia to attain what it aspires in the next couple of years. Not bad for a country which has gone through tough times in the past and present over the last 53 years. 

The road of nationhood held endless possibilities and Malaysia is clear about its goals and the catalyst to take on the 'next big thing' is its own human capital. This mean the country needs to build its own army of professionals, certified workers and experts in every nooks and corners to facilitate the next transformation.

With less than four years ago to Vision 2020, Malaysia is already on track to achieve its 35 per cent skilled labour force. There are 14 million workers in Malaysia at present. Figures from the Human Resource Ministry revealed that skilled labour currently stood at 32 per cent at present.

Towards this end, numerous programmes and efforts have been intensified across government ministries, policies were amended by politicians, as well schemes were introduced to achieved Malaysia's final lap to 2020, where it has been tipped the country's next transformation will be in the field of science and innovation. 

The world has seen how science and innovation had assist countries like the United States to generate an income. How the use technological advancement and modern gadgetries, as well as machineries have changed everyone's life and how it yield better results for the American economy. As well how their produce had played an important part of everyone's lives. Take Apple, Google or Facebook for example.

Malaysia want to emulate this.

The government is all out to support the aspirations of modern a Malaysia. Money, time and policies were made as the foundation for Malaysians to be part of this goal. Again the hardwork, will and tolerance of Malaysians are needed for such challenges ahead.

At IPEC, we take this aspiration seriously. We also believe that every men and women could achieve what they set out to do as patriotic Malaysians. We also believe that the potentials and abilities of Malaysians and their will to contribute and innovate.

And we are pleased to be able to certify your expertise, endorsed by those who are already captains of industries, while your ability is also recognised by the countries that demand what you can do. 

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