The Futureís Bright For Aero Sports In Malaysia

The Futureís Bright For Aero Sports In Malaysia

14 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

The Ranau Paragliding Accuracy & XC 2017 (RANPAXC 2017) competition in March was an exciting affair. The competition, organised by MSAF Paragliding Bureau and supported by IPEC Bureau, saw highly talented paragliders display their skills on the skies over Ranau, Sabah and thrilled everyone in attendance. Following this success, IPEC and MSAF (Malaysian Sport Aviation Federation) will enter into a collaboration to strengthen aero sports in Malaysia.

This objective of this strategic partnership is to promote extensive development, bolster flying safety and improve the overall management of aero sports such as paragliding, para motor and parachute jumping and, enhance aeromodelling skills. Swift and substantial progress in these areas are crucial for aero sports in Malaysia to garner mass appeal, greater international recognition and nurture world class aero sport competitors.

A meeting was held recently by IPEC Bureau with MSAF President, Captain Mohd Arif Ibrahim, Nadiah Wafa of the Paragliding Bureau and instructor Andika Untung Setiawan representing the ​Federation Aeronautical International to discuss and define the current regulatory framework which includes conformity assessments for certification schemes based on the ISO/IEC17024 and other key areas of development essential to take Malaysian aero sports to the next level.

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