18 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

IPEC authorised Training and Examination Provider (TEP), door to international recognition for training and development of academies, training agencies, institutions, and the likes who wish to have their programmes validated in consonance with international standards.

Could you be our next authorised global TEP? As an international training provider, you will enjoy a global presence by delivering validated training programmes that geared with ISO/IEC17024 certification.

IPEC will validate programmes based on the Q-base and the IE-base criteria. Establishments with recognised qualifications or professional training programmes will fall under the Q-base or Qualification Based assessment. The IE-base or Industry Experience Based assessment will be the category for those that fulfil the required years of industry experience, complemented by good performance records.

The TEP is important as it acknowledges training establishments as independent and impartial entities providing programmes for individuals seeking to obtain IPEC’s certification of person which is recognised internationally by many industries. This gives trainees invaluable skills and knowledge that is in-line with global expectations, hence encouraging greater talent mobility in various industries.

Our latest TEP on board is, Mesosis+ Advanced Aesthetic & Academyofficially opened last Saturday at Publika, Kuala Lumpur. Authorised TEP certificate was presented to the Mesosis+’s Managing Director, Dr. Liew Hui Shi, a IPEC Certified Professional Aesthetician.

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Training & Examination Provider (TEP)