People Transformation: Cynthia Teo

People Transformation: Cynthia Teo

14 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

The key to personal transformation is making impossible…POSSIBLE? A great example of this is Cynthia Teo, a professional beautician. Standing out from the crowd in a highly competitive industry and market is not an easy task so, it’s essential for professionals to initiate the required transformation to slowly but surely climb the ladder of recognition. Cynthia began her beauty career as an apprentice at a beauty salon right after finishing school.

Having endured rejection after applying for the beautician role at an international beauty salon due to her lack of academic qualifications – she was hired as a receptionist instead – Cynthia’s resolve to achieve her dreams became stronger. She pursued beauty courses after working hours to gain the required knowledge and qualification, and was eventually rewarded with a promotion to the beautician’s role.

There has been no looking back for Cynthia since. Today she has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, during which she developed into an accomplished beautician, served over 20,000 clients, established her own company – growing it from a single beauty bed service to a full-fledged beauty salon – and subsequently, together with her husband, ventured into beauty product manufacturing.

Having gone through the mill and hardships of becoming a qualified beautician, Cynthia ventured into training and education by establishing Jeuner Beauty Academy Salon & School. Her objective was to train the next generation of beauticians and help produce highly talented, qualified and credible practitioners for an industry that often comes under the spotlight and closely scrutinised for best practises.

To enhance the standard of training at her academy, Cynthia participated at the IPEC ASEAN Certification of Person ISO/IEC 17024, WG2: Wellness, Beauty Science & Advance Aesthetic which was a major influence behind her drive to transform the beauty industry through her academy. This led to Jeuner becoming an IPEC authorised Training & Examination Provider (IPEC-TEP) on year 2014 to significantly increase the reputation of the academy and its training programmes.

Today Cynthia is one of the most established IPEC certified professional aestheticians in Malaysia and has been appointed as IPEC Examiner since year 2014. She plays an important role in enhancing Malaysia’s beauty industry by encouraging other practitioners to attain IPEC’s certification and become internationally recognised beauticians and aestheticians.

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