Manifest the Social Innovation

Manifest the Social Innovation

01 Aug 2016, Dr Juliana

My meeting with the Minister and Director General, together with my great team was truly a meaningful event.

Yesterday, I asked my team, "what is your most powerful wireless technology?". There were many different answers gathered from different perspectives: wifi, communication, relationship....... some expressed how her/his workload seems putting her/his direction out of track and so on. No justification of a correct or inccorect answer. Everyone was free to express how they felt and what they want and plan to do.

My personal answer was " The most powerful wireless technology for me is PRAYER. Prayer that comes with Love and Passion."

Henry Ford once quoted "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind."

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! You will get what you wish and dream for, if you start to transform the person in your mirror first.

The nation transformation starts from the most atomic level of the society. You, me and everybody. ‪#‎PersonalTransformation‬ is the key to unlock the superpower within you. Pray with love and passion for what you want to do. Force the universe to give you massive transformation, peace and joy...

Hoping your sunday will be as special as you are.....�� Dr Juliana Lim

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