ISO 17024 Standards for Training System Accreditation

ISO 17024 Standards for Training System Accreditation

23 Oct 2015, Azleen

I came across this great article about ISO 17024 Certification of Persons written by a Pakistan-based researcher, Ali Arfan Khan titled ISO 17024 Standard for Training System Accreditation and it is a great piece. 

According to Ali in his article, he mentioned about professional skills demand in the market. The demand of professional qualifications and certification is increasing day by day, every organization wanted to hire a professional who have a good educational background as well as have professional qualification in related field. 

But it is necessary that your certification is accredited by known institute. Accredited certification is accepted all over the world due to its traceability and meeting requirement of eligibility for related training. Personnel certification has become a very important part of confirmatory the ability of associate more and more mobile and international work force, underscoring the worth of industry-recognized credentials which will be carried across national borders.

IPEC Certification Bureau, a Kuala Lumpur-based certification body is one of very few entity that can assists any organization or individuals who are searching for accreditation. IPEC Certification Bureau operates under the purview of Standards Malaysia and Government of Malaysia, which eventually are recognised bodies under the International Organization of Standards or ISO.

There are many reasons why ISO 17024:2012 accreditation is a must for everyone, all sectors across the board. 

It helps organizations that certify people in a form of occupations and professions shield the integrity and make sure the validity of individual certification programmers. 
It will also promote consumer and public confidence in the capabilities and competence of the people who provide specialized services or who create the products that support our daily lives and livelihoods. The breadth and scope of certification programmers alive these days is tremendous: programs exist for money planners, public accountants, safety professionals, non-destructive testing, quality professionals, project management, vocational trainings, consultants, provide and buying management professionals, the development business, health care professionals and tons of additional.
Certification and training schemes licensed below ISO17024 will increase the potential for national and international reciprocity of certified people and personnel certification bodies. The ISO 17024 Certification of Persons addresses the structure and governance of the certifying body, the characteristics of the certification program, the data needed to be accessible to candidates, and also the re-certification initiatives of the certifying body. It is designed to assist organizations to conduct well-planned and structured evaluations so as to confirm inclination of operations and cut back any conflict of interest.

In Ali’s final thought in the article, he ended with a great conclusion. 

“The accrediting body is a superb source of impartial advice and knowledge transfer which may, in turn, lead to development opportunities. As we enter an era of increasingly rapid change, it is important for business to be able to demonstrate their human resources are fit for organizational needs”.

There is a big gap in many organizations out there. Whilst they claimed to be specialists and experts in their field which we can see from their business cards, majority of these experts aren’t properly certified. Even those are certified, their certifications aren’t properly accredited by the right body. Without rightfully accredited, ones can’t claim that their skill-set and experience are at part with Standards.

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