Impartial Committee Annual Meeting Elects New Head

Impartial Committee Annual Meeting Elects New Head

09 Nov 2017, IPEC BUREAU

Professor Dr Wan was UKM professor for over 25 years and possess great experience especially in biotechnology.  Under his tutelage, around 27 students from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran have successfully graduated with a PhD in fermentation technology. He also acts as an advisor to many manufacturers in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Professor Dr Wan effectively takes over Dr George on 1 January 2018 and the latter expressed his gratitude to IPEC Bureau for the opportunity to serve as the Head of the Impartial Committee.

The meeting also saw the introduction of the proxy of ​IPEC Board of Management, Mr Peter Voon. Peter is the People Director at IPEC Bureau and has more than 35 years of experience as a specialist in key areas such as strategic leadership, organisation restructuring, talent management and competence development.

During the meeting, Professor Dr Wan spoke of his intent to organise a workshop in Jan 2018 to layout the foresight for IPEC’s impartiality activities including capacity building, short analyses for stake holders, strengthening the impartial committee’s role at governmental level over the next two years. At the same time the committee will plan the schedule, put in place objectives and techniques to endorse those activities.

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