How Six Sigma Certification Will Change Your Life?

How Six Sigma Certification Will Change Your Life?

02 Nov 2015, Azleen

What is the value of Six Sigma certification to you?

Your Six Sigma certification can be priceless to you or it can be detrimental to you - the choice is yours.  Certification by itself is not a magic bean so don’t assume having it on your resume will put you on top of the heap.  But, while there’s no guarantee that certification will get you that special job or promotion, for some positions, certification is the price of admission into the game.  For others it’s clearly a differentiator.

If you’re in a field or entering a field where it’s expected then certification is a “must have”.  If it’s not mandatory but valued by the industry or corporation then certification is a “nice to have”.    In both cases you should strongly consider getting trained and certified.  But don’t stop there. The certification alone will not inherently make you more valuable to any company.  It’s you that makes you valuable to them.  More specifically it’s what you can do with your knowledge and skills on their behalf.  If you can show on your resume that your certification helps you deliver effective results and be a successful project manager, analyst, leader, supervisor etc. then the certification takes on a whole new value proposition for you and the hiring firm.

The certification process is what introduces you to a proven methodology and a whole world of knowledge, tools and know-how.  Learn it and learn to use it effectively and your certification will be unbelievably valuable. On the other hand if you just get certified and stick it on your resume with not further application and study then your certification will be worthless and even perhaps detrimental.  Why detrimental? because when those who value it realize you’re paper certified and can’t back it with results then you’ll be quickly dismissed and you don’t want that.

So what’s the value of certification?  It’s up to you.  Should you get certified?  The Answer is certainly a yes if you can think of and treat your certification like it’s the beginning of your journey and not the end.  If you do that then I can assure you that your journey will be filled with learning and growth. 

Six Sigma certification is ISO/IEC 17024 compliant. 

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