Excel With Excelforth

Excel With Excelforth

18 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

Excelforth Consultancy has officially been an IPEC Bureau Authroised Training & Examination Provider since 2015, under the Business Excellence scope. Since then their signature Operation Excellence workshops have gained greater recognition and popularity, with more organisations engaging Excelforth to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Excelforth is a consulting and training company that operates in Malaysia and Singapore, serving clients from various sectors and industries.

Among Excelforth’s area of specialisation includes Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Management / Business Excellence and Integrated Quality Management System. Their reach throughout the region continues to grow with their most recent programme conducted in Suzhou Industrial Park, China, on 1 June 2017. This workshop focused on “Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving” with the latter often cited as the top skill to ensure business success.

The workshop is designed to drive organisations to get their teams to cultivate and sharpen this skill by mastering one of the most effective problem-solving techniques: Root Cause Analysis. It was a thoroughly hands-on workshop with participants learning the tools and techniques of Root Cause Analysis by applying them to current problems faced at their workplace. Participants exhibited great enthusiasm throughout the workshop as they learnt the importance of Root Cause Analysis and the impact it could have on their organisations.

Overall the workshop was an enlightening one for participants as its interactive nature provided everyone a clear understanding of what Root Cause Analysis is and how it relates to problem solving. The key takeaways are (1.) the ability to effectively use the fundamental tools associated with Root Cause Analysis and (2.) the opportunity to practice Root Cause Analysis and its associated tools in a real workplace problem situation.

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