Empowering Communities Through Grassroots Innovation

Empowering Communities Through Grassroots Innovation

27 Dec 2016, KM

Rustic Borneo offers great travel deals and packages to beautiful Borneo, especially customised packages, be it for groups or individuals. Beyond travel and tours, Rustic Borneo also supplies traditional arts and crafts that are uniquely Borneo - designed and produced from locally made products such as beads, bamboo, coconut, pandanus and anyaman.

Rustic Borneo puts great emphasise on employing from the local communities which includes indigenous and disabled individuals. IPEC Bureau was invited by Rustic Borneo to help support and guide the community towards greater empowerment and skills development which will tremendously improve the overall quality of their lives.  

IPEC Bureau believes in sustainable grassroots innovation initiatives to instil and establish confidence in the local community which, in turn, will help them overcome employment challenges. For the indigenous and the disabled members of the community, these efforts, over time, will contribute towards reducing the disparity between them and society at large. 

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