Elite Divine Grandmaster – Grandmaster Ma Lai-wah (Hong Kong)

Elite Divine Grandmaster – Grandmaster Ma Lai-wah (Hong Kong)

18 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

Recently, IPEC Bureau conducted the 1st batch of Divine Mastership Certification assessment that developed accordance to ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Persons. The purpose of this scheme is to verify, qualify and certify the unique traits of a Divine Master in the Asia-Pacific region. Standing tall amongst highly recognised Divine Masters on the highest pedestal of spiritual science is Grandmaster Ma Lai-wah.
He is one of the top astrologers in Asia and is the chairman of the Hong Kong Fengshui Master Association.

Grandmaster Ma is also the chairman of Lu Shan Kuntun Taoist Institute and excels in Chinese Astrology or “Feng Shui” and has acted as a consultant for major companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Grandmaster Ma, among the first batch of candidate for the assessment, is now an IPEC Bureau Certified Elite Divine Grandmaster. He has also made a name for himself as an author. He has penned numerous articles and columns on “Feng Shui” which were published in major oriental and international publications and media agencies such as Oriental Daily, Singtao Daily, South China Morning Post, CNN, Agence France-presses, Bloomberg News and Deutsche Presse-Agentur.
Let’s watch the following video where Grandmaster Ma share his perspective about the Divine Master Certification for Spiritual Science industry.

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