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Day in day out we have been bombarded with visuals of the perfect body. Of course we feel envious of these lucky 36-24-36ers with long shapely legs and dudes with abs and pectorals that would make a Greek God go green with envy. Some of us will just sigh and move on thinking how lucky these people are (or more likely, how lucky if I can spend a night with one!). It can also be guaranteed that there will be some among us that would be inspired enough to go the extra mile to try and be one of these Greek God and Goddesses. And it can also be guaranteed that there are some that will take shortcuts to achieve this.

Let’s see what happens when these shortcut takers employ the services of beauticians that have a dodgy certification at best:-


The Mother inspired to DIY her own cosmetic procedure

Mary (not her real name) had a scar smoothed by her doctor through silicone injection but it was an expensive operation. Convinced that it was a simple enough procedure and that she can save some cash by doing it on her own, she bought an inexpensive version of the injection off of the net from a dodgy supplier. Once it arrived she injected it into her face and lips to give her an instant DIY facelift.

24 hours later, it was a disaster. Her whole face puffed up like a balloon and the areas where she injected the silicone was raised and infected.  "It expands, it's like rubber and your own collagen is forming scar tissue around it…it just looked like horrible blisters," she said. What she had done was instead of using medical-grade silicone; she had actually injected non-medical grade silicone labelled as “personal lubricant”.

After being refused treatment by the doctors in her region, she sought help from California plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Williams. “It is not something that you can draw out,” said Doctor Williams. “It is something that you actually has to go in and cut out the damaged areas.”

Trying to save money from a $1000 procedure by buying $10 silicone, Mary ended up being slapped with medical bills worth thousands of dollars and a scarred face.


The Bikini Model with the Polka Dot Skin

A Nashville bikini model that declined to be identified had always relied on laser hair removal to maintain her smooth appearance for her photo shoots. She usually undergoes the procedure at least once a year but this time, something went wrong with the routine procedure.

She was left with burn marks like polka dots all over her legs and bikini line that persisted for more than a week.

“It’s devastating,” she said. “It felt like someone was taking a knife and scraping out the top layer of my skin.”She claimed that even though she had gone to the same skin and laser centre for the last ten years, this time an employee who had never treated her before misused the laser, scorching her skin. 

The attorney who represented the model said that the procedure was done by an aesthetician that was not licensed under the Department of Health and stressed that more medical training needed to be given to these individuals.

The model shared some advice for anyone going under the laser. “Do your research and make sure you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you,” she said.


The Guy that ended up with the Hunch Back of the Notre Dame Penis

Szilvester, 24, from Bolton was feeling a little bit self-conscious due to this notion that his mini-me was a little bit too mini for his taste. One day he was convinced by his mate to get some hot Vaseline injected into his willy to make it bigger. Initially thrilled with the result, problems start to creep in a few months after the procedure.


Szilvester’s mini-me was turning into the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. It started to become misshapen with lumps starting to appear on the surface of the penis. And it was too painful and sore to get an erection. Szilvester was devastated.

After being told by several GPs that there were nothing that he could do, a chance meeting with the plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. Vik Vijh brings about a ray of hope. After examination it turned out the lumps were caused by scar tissues clumping together around the petroleum jelly. The operation required Szilvester’s penis to be cut and the skin peeled back like a banana before the scar tissue and the petroleum jelly was removed. It was the first time Dr. Vijh had undertook such an operation but it was successful and Szlivester regained the use of his little boy.


A four eyebrow clown

Deisha Campbell had decided to give her eyebrows a boost after seeing celebrities like Clara Delevingne sporting bushy eyebrows.  She decided to have her eyebrows filled in with tattoos to make them look neater. The coffee shop manager found an online voucher for a local clinic that offered to do it for $155 instead of the usual price of $540.

The beautician proceeded to wax off two thirds of her eyebrows before proceeding to apply the ink ABOVE the shadows of her waxed-off natural ones. Deisha burst into tears suspecting something had gone wrong but the beautician assured her that her face only looked off because of the swelling and that it would be okay once the swelling subsided.

But her waxed eyebrows soon grew back and ‘within three days’ she had four eyebrows. ‘I looked like a clown,’ she said. ‘I was gobsmacked, speechless. I couldn’t believe what she’d done to me. ‘I had to constantly pluck my natural brows out but I often had shadows. ‘When I went out I could see people staring at me trying to make out why I had four eyebrows. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and began losing weight. I lost two stone. I couldn’t face work; I became a recluse.’

Miss Campbell later spent $660 (six times her original cost!) on a treatment to make the tattoos fade, but she said the ink line still remains and she has to cover them up with make-up.

She added: ‘I just wish I’d never had them done.’


Six times the (c)harm

From Wayne Rooney to James Nesbitt, the list of celebrity men who have resorted to hair transplants to revitalise their balding manes is a long one. But as Michael Avola, 49, an unemployed former martial arts champion from Northampton knows only too well, the fiddly surgery doesn't always go to plan.

After he began losing his hair - and his confidence - at the age of 23, he turned to surgery in a bid to fix the problem.

But six operations and £7,000 later, Mr Avola was left badly scarred and still bald.

'They promised me there would be a really good result,' he reveals. 'They said the scarring would be invisible and that there would be full coverage at the front.' Instead, after a bungling surgeon botched the operation, Mr Avola was left with a small amount of wiry regrowth and a front section without any hair on it at all. The complex surgery, which involves carefully removing and then re-implanting up to 1500 delicate hair follicles, was repeated five times before Mr Avola conceded defeat.

Shockingly, despite confronting the inept medic, the clinic refused to refund his money or compensate him for the damage. 'I went back and explained to them that, really, they'd wrecked my life and nothing happened,' he explains.

Mr Avola is now attempting to repair the damage by consulting another surgeon but may have to wait up to 18 months before his mangled hair grows back.

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