15 Sep 2017, IPEC BUREAU

Becoming an IPEC certified professional gives you international recognition as a qualified and competent industry practitioner which will go a long way to boost your progress as a professional and the prosperity of your business or practise. Kan Oi See is a great example of this. She is a Certified Business Excellence Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by IPEC Certification Bureau and also has, in her credentials, a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Certified Professional Trainer by IPMA UK, and a Certified ISO 9000 Auditor/Lead Auditor by SIRIM Malaysia, among others.

Oi See is a corporate improvement program expert and consultant with Six Sigma & Lean expertise in manufacturing, service and business processes. Her career spans 24 years of experience in key positions such as ACE Manager, Quality Systems Manager, Training Manager and Director with major organisations such as Carrier International, Halex Holdings and more. She was also a business and operational excellence consultant, and has been part of various business reviews and projects specialising in quality and productivity improvements with establishments such as hospital, medical centre, education group, IT and bio-tech companies.

One of Oi See’s greatest credentials is her successful record of being a hands-on practitioner in developing and driving corporate Lean, Six Sigma and quality-based programmes that form the basis of corporate supply chain management strategies. IPEC’s ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Person is a globally accepted benchmark for human resources enhancement, upskilling and reskilling that focuses on examining competence of persons. Oi See is the latest in a long line of professionals that embody the importance of IPEC’s certification.

On the impact of IPEC’s certification and the traction it has given to her professional career, Oi See said: “I have total confidence in IPEC’s Certification which is fully ISO 17024 accredited. I am delighted to say that my Lean Six Sigma expertise, personal attribution, analytical strength and industry performance was professionally assessed.”

“The Certified Operation Excellence Lean Six Sigma Black Belt status has elevated my professional value which led me to a Director’s position in Human Resource and Process Improvement at a PLC. It is a great advantage for a person with my current portfolio being a Principal Consultant in the consultancy industry,” she added.

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