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In today’s competitive professional world, effective deliverables are crucial. Clients need assurance that they are dealing with an organization that can deliver their needs in a timely manner and of with quality too. This is where certification comes to play.

In reality, we cannot see over the horizons so decisions are only made based on what we know today. The value of having a line of certified employees adds a steady flow of assurance in the eyes of clients and also the organization itself. It says your boss gets more confident of you and moving forward, the clients puts more confident to your boss in handling their needs.

Why Get Yourself Certified?

It basically helps to assist us in making important choices and connections in a career.

Imagine a situation: We see an ad for a job opening. The ad specifies certifications we hold or describes skills contained in our certifications. We make the connection that there is a possibility of filling that job. We make connections with headhunters in the same way. We use the credibility of certification to connect with business opportunities. Certifications, in other words, intrinsically provide the link between where you are and where you want to go.

The Company Backbone

Certified management and employees improve the quality of product and services. In detail, it promotes and enables consistency and improvements in a process or product.

It provides a standard and predictable output every time a set of procedures is executed. The result: a system that reduces cycle time and improves operational efficiency. Organizations that have achieved certification communicate to the market that they have successfully ‘tested their products’ and that it has met certain standards of quality.

What’s In It For You?

•         Confirms mastery of best practices
•         Enables better career performance
•         Enhances promotion opportunities
•         Recognizes professional development and competency
•         Increases recognition by colleagues, employers and even recruiters
•         Sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field

What’s In It For The Boss?

•         It enables him or her to identify the best from the best, helps making the picking easier. Those employees with sufficient product knowledge will definitely stand out in obvious manner.
•         Differentiates between hiring candidates. Beyond considering an individual's experience, you can assess their product development knowledge as well as their interest in professional growth and development.

What’s In It For The Company?

•         Supports an organizations aim for consistency and quality in product development and deliverables. It offers the correct "big picture," baseline and focus.
•         Top-performing companies understand that properly trained employee leads to direct benefits. That is why several leading, multinational corporation are already sponsoring certification across their corporations.

Quality Over Quantity

The value of certification to customers is the obvious proof but the quality of the certificate is also important. All certificates are not equal. As more and more companies become certified, companies get spoiled for choices. It is therefore important to make the right decisions on how, who and where to get certified. The one that counts are those being accredited by accreditation bodies locally and also at the international level.

Some of the key areas to consider when evaluating include technical competencies, interpretation of the standards and overall philosophy. A training centre for instance has to be stringent in the business in order to ensure they provide top quality audits – every time. The trainers and experts need to be familiar with your industry sector and processes. Quality and consistent improvements are essential to get things going and a productive chain of event will ensue.

So before you decide on anything, before you take that step into your dream job, or before you call your future employee for an urgent hire, before anything, ask yourself, are you certified?

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