Alleviating the expertsí niche, Endorse the traits and Ensure you are trained by those well-recognised in the field

Alleviating the expertsí niche, Endorse the traits and Ensure you are trained by those well-recognised in the field

04 Aug 2016, JS

Worked in the industry for years but stuck in a bind with no chance of moving forward and get the dream promotion or salary due to the lack of credentials.

Or, is it competency enhancement or lack of confidence? Fret not.

What if industry heroes could aid you in career advancements and turn you into a hot commodity in the job market.

Share you their trade secrets, refresh or further enhance the areas of your own expertise, get you evaluated and finally, certified as an industry expert.

Is this even possible? The answer is, yes.

As a matter of factly, thousands of employers across 163 countries would recognise your credentials and would want to hire you from there on.

Thanks to the International Persons Certification (IPEC), perhaps you can chart your own career goals better and move forward.

IPEC is a certificate bureau that focuses on an extensive range of industry’s human capital development.

The bureau is also accredited ISO / IEC 17024:2012 in the areas of certification of a person.

IPEC may not be able to guarantee the stars and moon, but maybe provide you with the boost to kick-start the next level of your career goals.

In these days and age, the job market is now a battle ground of sorts, where everyone is trying to outdo each other.

It pays to have an edge over your rivals.

The kinds that would make you stand out in the job market, get noticed by employers and confidence booster that what you offer to your bosses were of impeccable standards.

But whichever endeavor there is, IPEC plays the role alleviating the experts’ niche, endorse the traits and ensure you are trained by those well-recognised in the field.

Note, however that IPEC does not provide training. Our experts will. The duration will depend on the needs of the Training and Examination Provider up to the final stage where we, at IPEC, get to examine your competency, before being certified.

IPEC also has the role of validating the training programmes provided by academy, training agencies, institution or organisations which provides training services.

The certification requirements are divided into two criteria, the Q-base and the IE-base.

The Q-base known as the Qualification Base Assessment Procedure is designed for those who already had a recognised qualification or professional training, while the IE-base or Industry Experience Based Assessment Procedure is designed for those who already meet the required years of industry experience, along with a good performance record.

To date, IPEC and its army of TEPS provide certification in the areas of beauty science, health science, sport science, life science, food and culinary management, information technology management, real estate management and public sector management.

And we’re not stopping just yet.

Work is also being carried out at this moment, to expand our coverage in other areas of human capital developments.

Another focus of IPEC at present is the Lean Six Sigma certification, a methodology that relies on collaborative effort to improve performance, by systematically getting rid of waste, over processing, defects and skills.

Graduate from a yellow belt, green belts, black belts and up to master black belt which entailed a certain learning elements have been completed and the level of mastery of certain expertise.

Finally, IPEC is strongly supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and also accredited by the Standards Malaysia Department.

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