IPEC GLOBAL LEGACY is a platform to celebrate the best and brightest benchmarks in legacy by individuals from various professions and communities. IPEC GLOBAL LEGACY singles out icons and phenomenal geniuses from around the region and the world. It rewards inspiration and impact with focus on extensive ranges of social and community work, industry, human empowerment for international recognition. IPEC GLOBAL LEGACY is coined by IPEC BUREAU (International Persons Certification), a fully accredited ISO/IEC 17024:2012 certification body that focuses on an extensive range of industry human capital development.
IPEC BUREAU is accredited by the Department of Standards Malaysia, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) IPEC Bureau is globally accepted benchmark for people empowerment and is actively involved at ASEAN and APEC levels. IPEC Global Legacy’s three MAIN pillars are:
Required Documentation
  • Nomination materials should consist of a nomination form and at least two(2) but no more than three (3) brief narrative letters of support that address one or more of the criteria listed.
  • A reflective statement (1 page) from the nominee explaining the nominee’s accomplishments and commitment to community .
  • Any essential documents that provide evidence of the nominee’s excellence.






IPEC GLOBAL Legacy 2019 will carry special recognition and significance for its recipients. Participation for IPEC Global Legacy 2019 cuts across nations, with renowned global leaders in attendance.
Committed to the credo that ‘Legacy is not what we do for ourselves but what we are doing for the next generation’, the endorsement body of various nations have come together to adopt a common framework for recognising legacy globally. Rather than being identified with the quality standards of a community, communities come together to uphold the belief that legacies are for those who have excelled within their personal capacity or professionally, role models for others to follow and are recognized globally. In the era of new technology and innovations, their skills, experience and professionalism have transformed quality standards and changed the face of global standardization.
The consumer has coined selected categories of recognition for Legacy Leaders that are excelling and improving quality of life, quality of income and contributing to peace and harmony. The objective is to recognize and celebrate the excellence and unsurpassed legacy benchmark models. The organizer is confident that the ceremony is able to showcase prominent and top legacy personalities, with heritage that will be driving force of the next challenging era.
IPEC Global Legacy Recognition recipients will be selected on the merits and strengths through outstanding dedication to communities, exceptional leadership , and ingenuity.
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