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Industry Fellowship AestheticianBSC 112135

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About this certification

Industry Fellowship Aestheticians create opportunities within the industry through their research and inventions; contributing to national society and economics as well as to science and technology in general.

Application Requirements

We determine the eligibility of an applicant by measuring your skill-sets and qualifications using our unique assessment methodology.


Industry Experience Based Requirements

IE-Based is for applicants that meet the required years of industry experience with accompanying records of achievement. A recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training evidence is also required. Applicants shall be assessed according to Industry Experience Based Assessment Procedures.

Training Background

  1. Recognised Professional/ Technical Training in related aesthetic field; or Recognised Vocational Training in related aesthetic fields.
  2. Recognised relevant CPD Training.

Professional/Technical Background

  1. Records of achievement in developing a network of businesses.
  2. Documented records of developing a profitable and innovative research/ system/ method/ business/ model/ products/ technologies.
  3. Proven records of contribution to the economic, environmental, social, health or cultural benefits to community.
  4. Holding an honorable position, awarded by a recognized body.
  5. Conferred a nationally/ internationally recognized award for your invention.

Years of Experience

  1. 10 years and above industry experience.


Read and understand everything.


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Submit your application form together with all Q-Based or IE-Based evidences in accordance to requirements.


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