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Beauty Body TherapistBSC 112132

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About this certification

Beauty Body Therapist specialized in beauty body wellness and massage therapy, providing client the sensation and relaxation throughout the therapy treatment. This specialist relates the knowledge of beauty science such as human anatomy to perform on practical beauty body therapy skill.

Application Requirements

We determine the eligibility of an applicant by measuring your skill-sets and qualifications using our unique assessment methodology.


Qualification Based Requirements

Q-Based is for applicants with recognised qualifications or professional training evidences. A recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training evidence may required in certain situations. Applicants shall be assessed according to Qualification Based Assessment.


  1. Secondary school or equivalent.
  2. National vocational School or equivalent; or Recognised Certificate in Beauty Body Therapy or equivalent.

Technical Background

Industry Practical/ Internship in related beauty field

Years of Experience

Not required.


Industry Experience Based Requirements

IE-Based is for applicants that meet the required years of industry experience with accompanying records of achievement. A recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training evidence is also required. Applicants shall be assessed according to Industry Experience Based Assessment Procedures.

Training Background

  1. Recognised Professional/ Technical Training in related beauty field; or Recognised Vocational Training in related beauty field.
  2. Recognised relevant CPD Training.

Professional/Technical Background

Proven evidence of current profession status in related beauty field.

Years of Experience

3 years and above industry experience.<


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Submit your application form together with all Q-Based or IE-Based evidences in accordance to requirements.


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